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5 sex scandals that created panic in the world of politics, one made Barack Obama the President


Boris Johnson has to resign as Prime Minister due to a sex scandal in Britain. PM Johnson had nothing to do with this scandal, but giving the accused leader the post of deputy chief whip in the party cost him heavily. Just this move of Boris Johnson caused a stampede in his cabinet. First Finance Minister Rishi Sunak and Health Minister Sajid Javid stepped down and after that there was a line of resignations. The pressure increased so much that Boris Johnson, who had sacked the protesting minister a few hours earlier, had to announce his resignation. But this is not the first incident, when the world of politics is in turmoil due to sex scandal. Even before this, many such cases have come to the fore, which have turned the picture of politics upside down. Know about five such sex scandalsA Sex Scandal Has Made Barack Obama President
In 2004, a young charismatic politician was at the forefront of the race to become the next President of the United States. The leader’s name was Jack Ryan, the leading candidate for the Republican Party’s presidential election. Jack Ryan’s fame was so great that none of the leaders in his party were willing to challenge him. Meanwhile his ex-wife and actress Jerry Ryan revealed that Jack had pressured him to attend sex clubs and asked him to do some lewd things in public. He had his wife attend “swingers” clubs in New York, New Orleans and Paris. Following the revelations, Ryan withdrew from the 2004 US Senate election and was replaced by Alan Keys, losing to Barack Obama.

Even in 2008, a rival of Obama left the field
Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are known for their clean image. During the 2008 presidential election, one of his rivals withdrew from the contest due to extra-marital affairs. The name of this politician was John Edwards. He was about to nominate for the presidential election from the Democratic Party of Barack Obama. John Edwards later withdrew the claim and endorsed Barack Obama. A year later it was claimed that Edwards not only had an extramarital affair, but also fathered a child with former publicist Riel Hunter. His wife, Elizabeth, was ill at the time of the revelations. He died of cancer in late 2010. Edwards was accused in 2008 of using up to $1 million in political funding to cover up the case.

Profumo affair brought down the government in Britain
In 1963, the Profumo affair brought down the Conservative government of Harold Macmillan in Britain. Then there were allegations that the then Soviet Union was behind this matter. Indeed, John Profumo was the Secretary of State for War Affairs in the Macmillan government. He had an extra-marital affair with 19-year-old model Christine Keeler. Profumo denied the connection in a statement to the House of Commons, but weeks later a police investigation uncovered the truth. After which it was proved that Minister Profumo had lied to the House of Commons. In such a situation, questions were raised about the credibility of Macmillan’s government. The matter gained so much momentum that Macmillan resigned as prime minister in October 1963, citing ill health. This was followed by a humiliating defeat for the ruling Conservatives in the 1964 general election.

Political career of New York’s big Congressman ruined
He may not be a household name, but New York Congressman Anthony Weiner had to resign after being implicated in a sex chat case. He accidentally posted pictures of his genitals on his Twitter account. Anthony Weiner was found guilty of having a sex chat with a college student in Seattle. Though he initially denied his involvement, he later admitted his mistake. He said he had online sex chats with at least six women in the past three years. Weiner’s wife was none other than the then US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Won seven times as a Democrat and never received less than 60 percent of the vote.

Britain’s gay MP was arrested, sacked
Homosexual relations were illegal in Britain in the early 1960s. So when it was alleged that Liberal Party leader Jeremy Thorpe had sex with another man, the scandal rocked Westminster. Jeremy Thorpe’s political career was constantly surrounded by rumors of his sexuality, so when model Norman Scott claimed to have a homosexual relationship with the MP, an investigation began within the Liberal Party. In the investigation, the party acquitted him, but he was later arrested on charges of conspiring to kill a male model. He was acquitted of all charges in 1979 but had already lost his seat in the general election.

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