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America made this appeal to Sri Lanka, assured to work together


Acting President told the speaker - nominate a PM who is acceptable to both the government and the opposition

Sri Lanka Protest: Amidst the crisis in Sri Lanka, America’s ambassador Julie Chung has urged for a peaceful transfer of power within the country’s constitutional framework. He said that the US condemns the violence in Sri Lanka and calls for upholding the rule of law in the country. He has responded from the US side by tweeting.

He said that peaceful transfer of power is necessary within Sri Lanka’s democratic and constitutional framework to realize the demands of people’s accountability, transparency, democratic governance and a better future. Along with this, he has also requested all parties to work together to bring economic and political stability in Sri Lanka.

Urge all parties to come together

Julie Chung tweeted that we urge all national parties to act quickly to implement solutions that bring long-term economic and political stability, to work together at this juncture for the betterment of the country. Earlier, the US had decided to close the embassy due to protests in the country.

Emergency declared in Sri Lanka, protests intensify

Emergency was once again declared in the country in view of the riots that broke out in Sri Lanka after President Gotabaya Rajapaksa left the country. On Wednesday, when the public in Sri Lanka got the news of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa leaving the country and fleeing to the Maldives, huge protests erupted after that. People in Sri Lanka have to struggle a lot for the things of daily need. It has become difficult for people to spend a day there. The public is continuously protesting there. In view of the situation, emergency has been imposed there.

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