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American woman won the lottery jackpot twice, won 3.5 million rupees


American woman won the lottery jackpot twice, won 3.5 million rupees

Many people pray that once luck is kind, then life will be enriched, but there are some people in this world on whom luck is very kind. That’s why people’s lives are spent in earning crores of rupees, but there is a woman in this world who has won the lottery jackpot not once but twice. Yes, where people yearn to win the lottery, the same person has won the jackpot twice.

If you thought that you must also buy a lottery somewhere and your luck will open in it and you become a millionaire, but what if you try your luck again and again and again you get the jackpot. Yes, the same thing happened to a woman who got the jackpot twice in two years. That too is not small or small, every time above one and a half crores.

Millionaire made from tickets bought from the same store

This American woman is a resident of South Carolina and this woman won the lottery of $250,000 (Rs 1.9 crore) in the year 2020. The woman bought a lottery ticket again after 2 years i.e. in 2022 and won $200,000 (₹1.5 crore). The woman, who bought a scratch-off ticket last week from the Spring Valley Convenience store in the city of Columbia, won her the highest lottery, which was worth $2 lakh, or Rs 1.5 crore in Indian currency. The woman had bought another scratch lottery ticket from the same store in the year 2020 and that time won a jackpot of $2.50 lakh, which is equivalent to 1.9 crore Indian rupees.

plan to buy a house with the money won

The woman said, she had a lot of fun the first time she won and enjoyed every part of it. This time I am going to buy a house. Well, this is not the first time that someone’s luck has changed like this. Last month itself, a man’s luck had changed when he went to the grocery store to collect goods and bought a lottery ticket there relentlessly which made him a millionaire.

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