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America’s female senator wore a bikini to ask for votes, strange poses, people were furious

Washington: A female state senator in the US has released a video wearing a bikini to woo voters. In this video, a 28-year-old female senator is seen standing on her head and asking for votes. However, his action has angered people on social media. People have criticized this video of the state senator as substandard. The name of this senator is Tiara Mack, who in 2021 became the youngest gay black member of the Rose Island state assembly of America.America's female senator wore a bikini to ask for votes, strange poses, people were furious

Video was recorded on 4th July
It is being told that Tiara Mack filmed this video on July 4 at a famous beach in her home state of Rose Island. Soon after, his video started going viral on social media. This video of Democratic Party’s Tiara Mack was liked by about 5 thousand people in 24 hours. He wrote in the caption of the video that ‘A promised senator thirst lure at Block Island’. However, this video also provoked the anger of people on social media.

People pulled up on social media
Fox Information Show host Tucker Carlson took a jibe at Tiara Mack over the video, writing, “The rising new star of the Democratic Party. Why is he not the foreign minister? Why are they not pushing him for the presidency?’ Mack then responded to some of his criticisms himself. One user wrote that why is she asking for votes by doing such an act. To this Tiara Mack said that I am not lazy.

Tiara herself replied to the comments
Another user wrote that after this post I never want to hear you complaining how ‘women are not respected in this country’. To this Tiara Mack replied that ‘Honey child. this is not right. Because I have an ivy league diploma and am a sitting state senator. It’s not about what I’m doing. It’s not about what I’m doing. They will not respect me regardless.

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