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The arrival of little Anu brought happiness in the Shah family, what will happen now Vanraj’s reaction to Anuj-Anupama’s daughter


These days Anuj and Anupama are enjoying life with their adopted daughter Chhoti Anu in Anumpa Show. Happiness is back in the Kapadia family. However, Vanraj, Baa and Paritosh from the Shah family were not too happy with the younger Anu. Little Anu had gone to the Shah family’s house, but was not greeted with joy. But after the entry of little Anu into the Shah family, there have come two big happiness. Actually, Vanraj and Paritosh have got job offers. Vanraj and Paritosh tell this to the family members and everyone is very happy.

On the other hand, Kavya tells everyone that everything is going well as soon as little Anu steps into the house. Anu is lucky for the whole family. When Anupama also comes to know about the job offer of both, she will be very happy.

Though more in the coming episodes, it is going to create troubles for all. He is now instigating Pakhi with little Anu. Actually, Anuj and Anupama will go to Pakhi’s school and get little Anu admitted there. But Pakhi is afraid that if her friends come to know then everyone will make fun of her and this is the reason why Pakhi refuses to get little Anu admitted there.

Pakhi’s threat

Pakhi then says that if younger Anu is admitted in her school, she will stop going to college. Now let’s see what Anupama will do on this behavior and decision of Pakhi. Will she ignore Pakhi’s threat and get Anu admitted in the same school or will she take a new decision for younger Anu because of Pakhi.

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