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Auhaam Review In Hindi | ‘Auham’ is the story of a sudden whirlwind in the life of a married couple


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There is a story of a sudden trouble in the life of a couple, be it small or big, trouble never comes without telling. What can be a bigger problem for a happy family than that a member of his house suddenly goes missing one day and no one knows his whereabouts again?

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movie ouham Press release: While the film The Kerala Story, which is currently facing controversies, has dominated the cinema halls, a “romantic thriller” drama film Auham, which is away from controversies, has been released in theaters on May 26 to make the atmosphere family friendly. The film is a life story of a couple, brilliantly directed by young director Ankit Hans.

Plot of the film-

The film narrates the story of a couple’s sudden disaster that changes their whole life. Big or small, trouble never comes without telling. What can be a bigger problem for a happy family than that a member of his house suddenly goes missing one day and no one knows his whereabouts again? Director Ankit Hans has presented this heart-wrenching story in a very poignant way and with suspense and thrill. It is such a chilling tale that it will not be so easy for any audience to forget.

Story of ‘Auham’

Shiva (Hriday Singh) and Riya (Divya Malik) are leading a simple yet happy life with their daughter (Janesha Suri) when one day Riya suddenly goes missing from their home. Shiva is shattered by this incident of her disappearance under suspicious circumstances and tries his best to get Riya back. But all his efforts prove to be unsuccessful and in such a situation he takes the support of the UP Police.

But the Police Inspector (Yashwant), who is investigating the case, soon realizes that this is the most complicated and complicated case he has come across in his career, solving which is no less difficult than climbing a high mountain. During the investigation of Rhea’s disappearance, such layers of mystery are revealed to the police that everyone is taken aback.

The director of the film ‘Auham’ weaves the story brilliantly

The suspense-thriller film ‘Auham’ has been presented on the big screen by director Ankit Hans in such a way that with every twist and turn in the story, the curiosity of the audience starts touching the sky and the audience becomes eager to know. Now what is going to happen next. This is the biggest success of ‘Auham’ that the viewer does not feel bored even for a moment while watching the film and keeps on gazing at more than one revelation of the film till the end.

strong writing film Makes ‘Auham’ more beautiful

From the strong writing of the film to the excellent direction of the film, every aspect of the film is worth watching and noticing. The film was told in such a way that as a viewer, you get lost somewhere in the film and start feeling a different kind of connection with the film. Watching the layers of mystery and adventure unfold on the screen, the viewer does not know when he starts flowing along with the film in its magical flow.

how did you do The cast of ‘Auham’ has worked?

Presented by ‘Richa Gupta Films’, ‘Auham’ is a strong film in terms of performances by all the actors. The cast for each character has been chosen very well. Hriday Singh, Divya Malik and Varun Suri in lead roles have done a wonderful job in the film from start to finish. Child actors Janesha Suri (Shriya), Pushpinder Singh (Chetan), Ram Narayan Chawla (Bakshi) and Amit Balaji (Mangat) have also portrayed their respective characters with impact.

You too must head to your nearest cinema halls to witness the mystery being solved in the one of a kind suspense-thriller film ‘Auham’ which released across the country today. Surely, this movie will not disappoint you at all and will fill you with an unforgettable experience.

Rating – 3.5 (****)

Cast: Hriday Singh, Divya Malik, Varun Suri

Producer – Richa Gupta

Director – Ankit Hans

Written by – Mahesh Kumar and Hriday Singh

Screenplay, Dialogues & Lyrics – Varun Suri

Composer – Vijay Verma

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