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Ayesha Jhulka had abruptly left her career, know why she did not become a mother even after 19 years of marriage


The coin of Bollywood actress Ayesha Jhulka used to run at one time. Ayesha Julka had made a special place in the hearts of millions of fans with her best acting and very cute style. But suddenly Ayesha said goodbye to her hit career, after which her fans wish to know more about her. Today (July 28) Ayesha is celebrating her 50th birthday. In such a situation, let us tell you some special things related to them …

Ayesha’s cinematic career
Ayesha Julka made her Bollywood debut in 1991 with the film ‘Qurbaan’. However, she got her big breakthrough with the film Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar. There was a time when Ayash’s five films were released in a year. Talking about Ayesha’s acting career, she worked in films like Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, Khiladi, Meherbaan, Dalal, Waqt Hamara Hai, Rang, Sangram and Masoom in the Hindi film industry. Ayesha worked in Hindi films as well as Telugu, Kannada and Oriya films. Ayesha worked with many stars along with Akshay Kumar and Aamir Khan in her hit career.

Why Ayesha Julka did not become a mother
In the year 2003, Ayesha Jhulka married Sameer Vashi. Both have been married for about 19 years, but still both of them do not have any children. This question often arises in the minds of the fans as well, in such a situation, Ayesha had also answered it some time ago. Ayesha spoke to E-Times and told that she herself had decided never to become a mother. Ayesha had said, ‘I do not have children because I did not want children. I use a lot of time and energy on my work and social work. And I am happy that the whole family has accepted my decision. Sameer has made my life better by giving me freedom of expression at various stages of life. Also supported me in whatever I wanted to do. I never felt any kind of pressure.

Where is Ayesha Jhulka now
Let us tell you that Ayesha Jhulka is now living her life away from the glare of cinema, although she is slowly making a comeback in the glamor world. Apart from this, Ayesha is very active on social media. Many of her latest photos are available on Ayesha Julka’s Instagram (Unofficial), where she is seen attending different events. According to media reports, these days Ayesha is handling the business along with her husband Sameer. He recently bought Samrock Construction Company, a clothing line, a spa and a Boutique Resort in Goa.

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