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Big blow to those who translate from Google, stopped their service!


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Google in China: The world’s largest search engine Google has stopped the Google Translation service in China. Earlier, Google had shifted the manufacturing of its products from China to other countries. After that now Google Translate service has been stopped. Let us tell you that China has banned most of the services provided by social media companies of most countries. Google Translate was one of the few services provided by Google in China, which has now been discontinued.

why was it banned

According to the reports released, the American tech company in China has stopped the translation service due to less use. Opening the translation website in China now displays a generic ‘search bar’ and ‘link’ which, when clicked, takes them to the company’s webpage available in Hong Kong. This webpage is banned in China.

Many users in China have reported in their social media posts about not being able to use the ‘Google Translate’ service since Saturday. He has told that the translation feature available in Google’s Chrome browser is also no longer working in China.

Google had launched 2017

Google issued a statement saying that the ‘Google Translate’ service has been stopped due to ‘low use’ in China. However, it is not clear how many users in China used the Google Translate service. Google launched the translation app in China in 2017. To woo Chinese users, the company also got an ad from famous Chinese-American rapper MC Jin.

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