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China spying on US missile base installed Huawei equipment in mobile tower, investigation started


China spying on US missile base installed Huawei equipment in mobile tower, investigation started

Washington: Chinese company near missile base in US Huawei There is a ruckus about the mobile tower with the equipment. It is feared that Huawei can collect sensitive information from US military bases and missile silos through its equipment installed in these mobile towers and later they can be sent to China. After which the Biden administration has now started an investigation into the Chinese telecom equipment manufacturer Huawei. US officials are concerned that Huawei could use its equipment to obtain sensitive data related to military exercises, operational readiness of missile bases and troops. This investigation has been kept very confidential in view of national security.

Biden had ordered an inquiry last time
Reuters has reported in its report that the US Commerce Department launched an investigation against Huawei soon after Joe Biden took office early last year. Sources said the agency has been entrusted with the investigation after the implementation of the rules to implement the May 2019 executive order. According to the 10-page document, the agency had asked Huawei in April 2021 to explain the company’s policy on sharing data with foreign parties. Then US officials learned that Huawei devices could capture messages and geolocational data from cell phones.America said – Huawei is collecting deadly information
However, the US Commerce Department said it could not confirm or deny the ongoing investigation. He issued a statement saying that we are working against deadly information collection to protect our economy and national security. It is important for us to protect American individuals, protect their data. Huawei has not given any statement on this whole matter yet. However, Huawei strongly denies allegations by the US government that it may spy on US customers and pose a threat to national security.

China said – America is accusing without giving evidence
The Chinese embassy in Washington has also not responded to these allegations. In an email, the Chinese embassy simply said that the US government abuses the concept of national security and state power. She is accusing Huawei and other Chinese telcos of being a security threat to the US and other countries without providing any concrete evidence to suppress them. Several US administration officials have said the investigation reflects our country’s national security concerns about Huawei.

Huawei has been surrounded by allegations of espionage for a long time
Huawei has long been surrounded by allegations from the US government that it may spy on US customers, although officials in Washington have made little evidence public. The company denies the allegations. FBI Director Christopher Wray warned in a speech in 2020 that if Chinese companies like Huawei were given uninterrupted access to our telecommunications infrastructure, they could collect any information about your devices or networks.

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