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Corona Leak From US Lab: ‘Corona virus was leaked from a lab in America, not Wuhan’


Corona Leak From US Lab: 'Corona virus was leaked from a lab in America, not Wuhan', China was overjoyed to hear the claim of celebrity economist!

Washington : American economist Jeffrey Sass has claimed that the Corona Leak From US lab instead of the Wuhan lab in China. Jeffrey Sass, who led the two-year investigation into the origins of the pandemic, was ‘quite convinced’ that the virus was the result of ‘US lab biotechnology’, reports the Daily Mail. “I have chaired a commission for the Lancet on COVID for two years,” Sass told a conference at the Spanish globalization think-tank Gate Center.He said, ‘I have full faith that Kovid originated from US Lab Biotechnology. I mentioned this after two years of intensive study. So in my view it is a mistake that covid is accident or natural. Even two years after the pandemic, the origins of COVID-19 remain unclear. It has been a political and scientific debate on a global scale with scientists and politicians saying that the corona virus spread from bats to people or leaked from a laboratory.
WHO said – need to investigate Kovid origin
Last month, World Health Organization (WHO) chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the Covid lab leak theory needed ‘further investigation’. But then he admitted privately to a senior European politician that the pandemic originated from China’s Wuhan lab. Sass was named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world. “There is enough evidence that this should be investigated and it should be investigated in the US,” he said.

China also came with Jeffrey Sass
“I think for genuine reasons, they (US officials) don’t want to see too much,” he said. The report said that it is also not clear whether Kovid originated in America or Wuhan. The Daily Mail said Chinese government officials said Sass’s claim needed a “deeper investigation”. The report said the celebrity economist had earlier claimed that the pandemic was the result of experiments conducted between Chinese and American scientists.

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