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Cricket Interesting Rules: 4 such unique rules of cricket that you may not know, know here


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Interesting Cricket Rules: International cricket being played over the years, many changes have been made from time to time. Due to these changes and rules, the technique of players’ play has also changed. In cricket, changes are made in its rules from time to time. There are some rules in this game of cricket, which you might not even be aware of. In such a situation, today we will tell you about some interesting rules related to cricket. You will be surprised to know that.

Rules in case of losing the ball
Very interesting rules have been made in case of losing the ball in cricket. If the ball is lost by the batsman’s shot and the fielding team appeals to lose the ball, then the ball is declared dead. In such a situation The game starts by bringing the second ball the same number of overs old. At the same time, the runs obtained by running or the runs obtained from the boundary are added to the batsman’s account.

Cannot be given out without appeal
The batsman cannot be given out by the umpire unless the fielding team appeals for him. In such a situation, if the batsman goes back after getting out, then the umpire can stop him and call him to bat again. At the same time, the fielding team can appeal even on the bowler’s run-up.

Wicket from Mankading
This rule was first used by Vinoo Mankad. They Vinoo Mankad dismissed Bill Brown of Australia in 1947. In this, the batsman standing at the bowling end comes out of the crease, then the bowler can appeal by hitting the ball on the wicket. According to the rules, no warning is given in this, but morally bowlers give a warning to the first batsman for this.

rules for injured players
If an injured player remains off the field for 15 minutes or more after informing the umpire, he cannot bat or bowl for that long.

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