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Divyanka Tripathi replied to trolls about weight, said- ‘Shame on such idiots’


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Divyanka Tripathi

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Divyanka Tripathi is a famous face of TV. She is also very active on social media and does not lag behind in teaching a lesson to the trolls. Divyanka has been trolled many times for her looks and weight. Now when he shared a video of him doing a dance, many users started body-shaming him. Divyanka told that the kind of comments that were coming, she first thought that the video should be deleted, but instead she thought it necessary to reply to the body shamers.

‘Don’t ask again’

Divyanka is wearing active wear of neon and black colors. Seeing her video, many users speculated that she was pregnant. Also made lewd comments about weight. Divyanka writes, ‘I was shaking on the beat of life. After reading some of the comments, I was compelled to write this. My stomach is not flat as shown by the image of a perfect woman. combat it. Don’t ask me again whether I am pregnant or fat.

‘Video about living freely’

‘No you want people to appear in a certain look. Change your thinking I’m not even fat and some people make lewd comments… how cruel are you to people who actually have body weight problems. Shame on the idiots who have no sensitivity. Earlier this video was about dancing with freedom… now it is about living with freedom.’

block the trolls

Divyanka also told that those who are not thinking well have blocked them. After this post of Divyanka, her fans came out in support and asked them not to pay attention to the trolls.

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