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Dragon movement in eastern Ladakh, Chinese fighter planes flew close to the Indian army


Dragon movement in eastern Ladakh, Chinese fighter planes flew close to the Indian army

Chinese Fighter Plane: The Chinese Air Force has once again acted to increase tension in Eastern Ladakh. The Chinese fighter jet took off very close to the disputed area in Eastern Ladakh on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). It is being told that the Chinese Fighter Jet had come close to the positions of the Indian Army. Due to this action of China, the atmosphere has become tense once again on the border. The Indian Air Force immediately lodged a protest regarding this.

According to sources, this incident took place on the Line of Actual Control in Eastern Ladakh last month i.e. in June. It is being told that one day in the last week of June, around 4 in the morning, Chinese fighter planes flew close to the Indian army.

Dragon movement in Eastern Ladakh

The movement of Chinese fighter aircraft in eastern Ladakh was seen by the soldiers stationed here and it was also caught by the indigenous radar stationed in the border area. Sources said the Indian Air Force was activated soon after the possible airspace violation was detected. This incident happened at a time when the Chinese side is conducting exercises related to its fighter jets and air defense weapons, including the S-400 air defense system, in the areas bordering the eastern Ladakh sector.

India objected

According to the information, the Chinese force has a large number of fighter jets and unmanned aircraft, which have been deployed at posts located near Indian territory. This includes the major airfields at Hotan and Gar Gunsa, which have been greatly advanced over the past two years. In the year 2020, the Dragon’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) diverted its troops in large numbers to Indian posts in eastern Ladakh, leading to one-on-one confrontations and several conflicts in the region. China has often been doing such acts, but Indian soldiers are always attentive.

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