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Fear of Rohingya refugees started persecuting Bangladesh, pleaded for help from China


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Bangladesh Rohingya Refugees: In Bangladesh, once again the issue of Rohingya refugees has started gaining momentum. Bangladesh has now appealed to China for help on this issue. Actually, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi had arrived on a visit to Bangladesh. During the visit of the Chinese Foreign Minister, Bangladesh requested him to help the Rohingya refugees return to Myanmar.

Bangladesh wants China to help Rohingya Muslims in their safe return and resettlement (Myanmar). Let us tell you that at this time lakhs of Rohingya refugees have taken refuge in Bangladesh after escaping the barbaric genocide after the coup in Myanmar. The effect of which is now visible on the economy of Bangladesh. Which has increased the concern of Bangladesh.

China has given assurance

According to the information, Bangladesh Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen met with Chinese counterpart Wang Yi regarding Rohingya Muslims and agreed to their safe return. Let us tell you that since the violence that started after the coup in Myanmar in the year 2017, more than one lakh Rohingya refugees have taken refuge in Bangladesh. Bangladesh says that it desperately needs China’s support to deal with the Rohingya crisis and China is also giving positive cooperation to Bangladesh on this issue.

Let us tell you that before this, China had signed an agreement in the year 2017 to transport about 70 thousand Rohingya refugees from Bangladesh to Myanmar. After which China twice tried to return Rohingya refugees to Myanmar in the year 2019 but Rohingya refugees living in Bangladesh refused to return there for fear of barbaric violence.

Why Bangladesh is worried

These days the number of Rohingya refugees is increasing rapidly in Bangladesh, while the number of crimes related to them has also seen an increase. According to a report, the growth rate of the Rohingya population in Bangladesh is five percent against the growth rate of one percent of the local population, which has raised the concern of the Bangladesh government. At the same time, a seven-fold increase in criminal cases has been registered in the last five years in the Cox’s Bazar area of ​​Bangladesh.

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