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Flight Crash: The plane crash that made the 3 most frightening records in history, the plane fell at the speed of a bullet from thousands of feet above, all died


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Deadliest Flight Crash: It is believed that the pilots flew it too high considering the weight of the plane. Investigators say it should not have flown above 31,900 feet, but they actually took it to 33,000 feet. Because it was at a very high altitude, its speed kept decreasing.

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  • On this day 18 years ago a terrible plane accident happened
  • The plane fell from a height of 33 thousand feet, all 160 people were killed
  • Accident happened due to flying at a height exceeding capacity, three records were made
Caracas: History is full of terrible plane accidents. Sometimes a terrorist conspiracy, sometimes a mechanical disturbance, each time the price would have to be paid by hundreds of people on the plane. One such incident happened in 2005, about which people’s soul trembles even today. 18 years ago today, a plane had become a victim of an accident in which all the people on board were killed. How terrible this accident was, it can be gauged from the fact that this plane fell on the ground at a terrible speed of 300 feet per second. The 160 passengers and crew aboard the McDonnell Douglas MD-82 had no chance of survival as the plane crashed to the ground in just three minutes from an altitude of 33,000 feet.

The year 2005 began on 16 August with the crash of Flight 708. It crashed near Machiques in Venezuela. Last night the plane was traveling from Panama to the French Caribbean island of Martinique. The accident was tragic but it set three serious records that year. It was the deadliest plane crash of that year, the most traumatic in Venezuelan history, and the deadliest involving an MD-82 aircraft.
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The aircraft reached an altitude exceeding capacity
The pilots are believed to have blown the plane too high due to its weight. Investigators say it shouldn’t have been flown above 31,900 feet but they actually took it to 33,000 feet. Because it was at a very high altitude, its speed kept decreasing. Due to not taking necessary steps in time, the plane kept falling and eventually crashed on the ground at 2:31 a.m. local time.

The company’s record was poor in terms of security
Most of the people on board were French nationals, while one Italian and eight crew members were Colombians. It was later found that the airline West Caribbean Airways was suffering from problems before the accident and had a very poor record in terms of safety. A few days ago in May, a Tara Air plane carrying 19 passengers had crashed two days ago in Nepal. During this, all 19 passengers and two crew members on board the plane were killed. According to preliminary investigation, bad weather was said to be the cause of the accident.

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