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Flood havoc continues in China and Sudan, 13 people killed.


Flood havoc continues in China and Sudan, 13 people killed. Hundreds of houses submerged in water

Flood News: Not only in India but also in foreign countries, the havoc of flood continues. Heavy rain in many states of India has badly affected the lives of people. At the same time, normal life has been badly affected due to floods in many countries.

The situation has worsened due to rain in Sudan including neighboring China, Pakistan. Many areas of Pakistan are in the grip of floods. Flood waters have also entered many areas of China. Here the citizens have been asked to take instructions from the administration.

Flood orgy continues in China

Flood in China has caused outcry. The water of the flood has entered the houses of the people. At the same time, most of the roads of China have become completely submerged due to the rain. At least six people were killed and several went missing in flash floods caused by torrential rains in Sichuan, China. In Longnan city of China’s North-West Province, 6 people died due to flood water while 3 thousand people were evacuated safely. Let us tell you that due to the torrential rains in China, there have also been reports of landslides in many areas. Due to which the situation has gone from bad to worse.

Hundreds of houses washed away in Sudan

Sudan is also not untouched by the devastation caused by floods due to rain. The inundation in the West Darfur region of Sudan has caused severe destruction there. Due to heavy rains, a flood situation has arisen in Darfur. On Sunday, a flash flood in Darfur, Sudan, killed seven people, while hundreds of houses were washed away in water. Last year, 80 people lost their lives due to floods in Sudan.

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