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Gandhiji came to Bhavnagar in the railway car from Jetpur, in the camel carriage …..


After passing the matriculation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, when he came to Bhavnagar for further study, he first traveled in a vehicle and later in the train. This case is well-cited in Kamalaben Ghat’s book.

In January 1888, Mohandas Gandhi taught his classmates of high school, Pranashankarbhai B. With Joshi, Abu Bakar came from Jamalbhai’s camel in Rajput and went to Jetpur. Pranashankarbhai had mentioned the memoirs of Mohandas Gandhi, as soon as he went to Rajkot in the evening and went to Jitpur shrine in the morning, the railway station was about half a mile away, and the train was coming to Bhavnagar, so both ran. Pranashankar’s clothes, books, bags were taken by Mohandas Gandhi. The train reached Porbandar when both the pilgrims reached the station. In this way they traveled to Bhavnagar, as they noted in the book.

It is worth mentioning that the credit of starting the first railway in Saurashtra goes to the state of Bhavnagar. E. Q. After the drought in 1878, Bhavnagar State undertook the project of Bhavnagar-Wadhwaan meter gauge railway line and in 1880 the railway line was started, after which the 23 KM branch line between the Wardha Junction and Dasa was constructed by the state of Bhavnagar. The railroad between Dhar and Porbandar was established by Gondal State and Porbandar State. The train runs on the meter gauge railway line Q. Gandhiji reached Bhavnagar in 1888. Now it’s gone This meter gauge railway line has been closed for broad gauge conversion on February 1, 2018. With this the meter gauge railwayline has become the golden spot of history.

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