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Gaza-Israel airstrikes kill 51, including 24 insurgents, claims IDF


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Israel Defense Force: The Israel Security Force (IDF) says that at least 51 people have died in an airstrike between Israel and Gaza, including 24 from the Jihadi Terrorist Group. Huh. This airstrike took place between rebels based in Israel and Gaza.

According to a report in the Times of Israel, the army has claimed that 16 people who were not involved in this war have also been killed and this figure is being estimated. According to the same report, the IDF says that 11 other people who had no connection with the jihadist group have also been killed.

27 civilians killed in Gaza

The Times of Israel, quoting the Israel Defense Force, has reported that 27 civilians of Gaza, including all these people, have been killed in this fight. This also includes children. IDF spokesman Ran Kochav said the army believed it had killed 24 rebels belonging to the Islamic Jihad insurgent organization. He said that first the Islamic Jihad insurgency organization started firing, after which the Israel Defense Force responded, in which most of the Palestinians were killed. Out of this, 11 people were also killed who were not directly involved in this fight.

Terrorists fired 1100 rockets at Israel

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) launched Operation Breaking Down and launched missile attacks against the Palestine movement of Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip. In this attack on Friday, 10 people died while 50 people were injured. The army says that about 1100 rockets were fired towards Israel. These rockets were fired by the rebels in the Gaza Strip towards Israel. The army further said that there were 200 rockets that could not cross the border and fell in the Gaza Strip.

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