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Google India adds 5 new languages ​​to its training network


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Google India adds 5 new languages ​​to its training network for scribes - Gadgets News in Hindi

Tech giant Google on Tuesday expanded its News Initiative training network to include five new languages ​​- Punjabi, Assamese, Gujarati, Odia and Malayalam.

Google has also launched Fact-Check Academy in partnership with DataLeads, the tech giant said in a statement.

It said about 100 new trainers have been inducted to help newsrooms and journalists tackle climate misinformation and build their ability to verify misleading data and claims, including false numbers.

Google News Initiative India Training Network was launched in 2018 and along with DataLeads, the network has over 39,000 journalists, media educators, fact-checkers and journalism students from over 2300 newsrooms and media colleges in at least 10 languages .

The network helps journalists and newsrooms learn the digital skills they need to verify and combat misinformation online.

Google India said, “This four-year journey would not have been half as special if it were not for the passion, commitment and collaborative spirit of the network coaches. 239 journalists, fact checkers and media educators from various newsrooms and colleges who lead the challenge.” Come forward and share your learnings with others in the ecosystem.”

Google said the tech giant is also inviting journalists, journalism professors and fact-checkers to the Fact-Check Academy to help the media combat misinformation by learning verification skills and techniques from experts. Selected candidates will hone their skills in validation and training in a 3-day train-the-trainer boot camp to be held in August. The last date to apply is 30th July.

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