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Got to know what Aliens eat in food, strange stuff found at the site of UFO crash, the person narrated the shocking story of 1961


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Alien Pancakes - India TV Hindi News
Image Source : PEXELS
Alien Pancakes


  • Big information came out about the food of aliens
  • In America in 1961, a person had seen aliens
  • Aliens themselves made pancakes from water in UFOs

Aliens UFO: It has been decades since the alleged UFO crash in America, but new things related to this incident come to the fore every day. Now a book has come about UFO, in which shocking claims have been made related to this incident. The name of this book is Alien Artifacts: Incredible Evidence of Exotic Material from UFO Encounters. Written by Sean Kassel and Tim R. are selfish. They say that the aliens came to Earth decades ago and have left behind some things. Including alien pancakes.

However, some people have refused to accept this claim. One such case came to the fore in 1954. In which it was said that a flying object like a UFO was seen in the Brazilian city of Capinas, from which some unknown thing was leaking. This thing leaked and fell on the roof of people’s houses and also on the roads. The book’s authors have stated that the ‘Rain of Silver’ appears to be a mixture of tin and unknown material. Many people say that they saw similar material falling from a UFO that crashed in 1947. This incident took place in the US city of Roswell, which is located in the state of New Mexico.

US lawmaker accepted

The US government had also released a report about UFOs last year. At the same time, a meeting was held on this in the same year, in which Tim Burchett, a member of the US Congress, attended. He called it a prank to hide information about the meeting and said he was aware of “several” incidents of debris recovered from UFOs that crashed in the US. Meaning there were crashes on American soil. Meanwhile, the San Diego-based company To the Stars claims that it has samples of items found after the UFO crash. which can tolerate unusually high heat. The most surprising thing is that the metal used in it has nothing to do with the metals or alloys used in current military or commercial aircraft.

Now efforts will be made to gather more information about these metals and for this it is being said that the use of reverse engineering is being done. A similar incident took place on April 18, 1961, as reported by the Daily Star. Here in Wisconsin, farmer Joe Simonton saw a flying saucer made of metal descending outside his home. They saw little men inside it, up to five feet in length. His hair was black, his eyes were dark and his complexion was black. He was wearing a black and navy blue sweater and helmet.

Simonton said that one of them looked like a chef and asked them to give him some water. When Simton returned with a jug of water, he saw an alien using it to cook pancakes on a smooth and square grill-like surface. In the midst of trying to negotiate with them, Simton asked for a pancake from them. The UFO pilot gave him four pancakes, which he described as hot and smooth. When they tasted it, it tasted like a paper cardboard. Nor was there salt in it. It is being linked to the folklore of Ireland, in which fairies living in other worlds have spoken of eating cheese without salt. Simonton reported that the UFO later suddenly disappeared.

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