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Gurdwara in Kabul attacked for the second time in a month, Sikhs and Hindus of Afghanistan in panic


Kabul Gurudwara Blast: Gurdwara in Kabul attacked for the second time in a month, Sikhs and Hindus of Afghanistan in panic

This is the second attack within a month outside the Karta Parwan Gurdwara in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. This time an attempt has been made to spread panic by detonating a bomb outside the gurudwara. This Gurudwara has been a victim of attack many times in the past. So far no casualties have been reported in this explosion. It is being told that the blast took place inside a shop adjacent to the gate of the gurudwara. It is being told that this shop belonged to a member of the Sikh community. The Taliban has also not yet reacted to the blast.

Explosion in the shop near the gate of the Gurudwara
Indian World Forum President Puneet Singh Chandok said that the blast took place near the main gate of Gurdwara Karta Parwan in Kabul. There was no report of any casualty of any person from the Sikh or Hindu community in the blast, he said. However, more details about the explosion are awaited. This is being told that this is the second attack on this gurudwara within the last one month.A day earlier, Taliban told Afghanistan safe
A day before the blast outside the gurdwara, Mullah Abdul Wasi, director general of the Taliban government’s foreign ministry office, assured minorities on the security situation in the country. He claimed in a meeting with members of the Hindu and Sikh Council that security had been restored in Afghanistan. Vasi also urged Sikhs and Hindus to return to Afghanistan. Before the Taliban took over Afghanistan in 2021, the Sikh and Hindu minorities numbered around 600, which is believed to have declined further.

Suspicion of attack on ISIS
No organization has yet claimed responsibility for the attack on the gurdwara. Earlier on June 18, there was a terrorist attack on Karta Parwan Gurdwara. About 50 people, including members of the Taliban, lost their lives in this attack. A day later, ISIS-Khorasan issued a statement claiming responsibility for the attack. ISIS said that its terrorist Abu Mohammed al-Tajiki was involved in the attack.

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