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HIMARS Rocket: More than 100 HIMARS rockets from Ukraine destroyed.Russia’s claim Evidence of fear or a show of strength?


HIMARS Rocket: More than 100 HIMARS rockets from Ukraine destroyed... Russia's claim Evidence of fear or a show of strength?

Russia and Ukraine are at loggerheads over the US weapons HIMARS rocket system. Ukraine claims it has inflicted severe injuries on the Russian army with HIMARS rockets. At the same time, today the Russian Defense Ministry has retaliated, saying that it destroyed more than 100 HIMARS rockets in the Dnipropetrovsk region of Ukraine on 24 July. However, the claims of both the countries could not be independently verified. But it has become clear that America’s HIMARS rocket system has spread its fire in the Russo-Ukraine war. A few days ago, Ukraine claimed that it had destroyed Russia’s S-400 missile system stationed in Donbass through this rocket system.

Ukraine denies Russia’s claim
Ukraine has denied Russia’s claim. Ukraine has said that none of its HIMARS rocket systems were damaged in Russia’s attack. On the contrary, Ukraine has claimed that it has carried out attacks on Russian forces in eastern Ukraine with this weapon. Ukrainian forces said they had targeted a strategically important bridge in the southern part of the Russian-occupied country with HIMARS rockets. Ukraine claims that the bridge was being used by Russia to supply its equipment.Ukraine claims HIMARS has caused serious injury to Russia
In the last week of June, Ukraine claimed that it had killed 40 soldiers, including a Russian army colonel, in a HIMARS rocket attack. The Sun quoted the Ukrainian military as saying that the 49-year-old paratrooper commander of the Russian army, Colonel Andrei Vasilyev, was killed in the attack. He is the 56th colonel of Russia, who died in the ongoing war with Ukraine. Even after this, Ukraine had claimed many times to attack Russian military bases with this rocket system from America.

Ukrainian minister claimed the failure of the S-400 in front of HIMARS
A few days ago, Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to the Ukrainian Interior Minister, claimed that Russia’s S-400 had failed to intercept the HIMARS rocket. He claimed that the Russian army, their ammunition and fuel depots were vulnerable to the attack of this American rocket. Gerashchenko referred to the series of Ukrainian attacks in recent days on several Russian weapons depots in Donetsk, Lisichansk, and Kherson, etc. It is claimed that the HIMARS rocket system from the US has been used in these attacks.

Ukrainian portal claims to destroy S-400 from HIMARS
Ukrainian portal Censor.NET claimed that the Russian S-400 could not intercept the HIMARS rocket in Donbass, Zaporizhzhya or Kherson. This portal claims that HIMARS rockets destroyed the S-400 missile system during an attack on a Russian military base in Khartsijk, Donetsk. However, it could not be confirmed whether Russia has deployed its S-400 in Ukraine. Russia’s S-400 has an operational missile range of up to 400 km, while it can track targets up to a range of 600 km. In such a situation, if Russia wants, it can protect against Ukrainian air attack from its own area with the radar of S-400.

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