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Huge success, nasal spray reduces viral load of covid by 94% in 24 hours


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nasal spray

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A nasal spray administered to high-risk adult COVID-19 patients in India reduced the viral load by 94 percent within 24 hours and by 99 percent in 48 hours. This was revealed in the results of a Phase III trial of the drug published in The Lancet Regional Health Southeast Asia journal. The study on Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray (NONS) was conducted by Mumbai-based pharmaceutical company Glenmark in 306 adults with mild symptoms of COVID-19, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, at 20 clinical sites in India.

The trial evaluated a seven-day treatment of NONS Plus Standard Care versus a placebo nasal spray, Standard Care, in COVID-19 patients. NONS was self-administered six times daily as two sprays per nostril for seven days.

NONS Viral load reduction in patients receiving
The study was conducted during the Delta and Omicron surges. The research found that high-risk patients receiving NONS had a significant reduction in viral load within 24 hours, which persisted for seven days of treatment.

Viral load was reduced by 93.7 percent within 24 hours of treatment with NONS and by 99 percent within 48 hours.

‘COVID-19 Ability to make a significant contribution to management,
“The robust double-blind trial demonstrated significant efficacy and remarkable safety of NONS,” said Monica Tandon, senior VP and head – clinical development, Glenmark, and one of the study’s authors.

“This therapy has the potential to make a significant contribution to COVID-19 management, with ease of use in the current highly communicable phase of the pandemic,” Tandon said in a statement.

NONS was launched in India in February under the brand name FabiSpray, after receiving manufacturing and marketing approval from the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) as part of the accelerated approval process.

so the viral load is low
The statement said that nitric oxide inhibits entry into the nasal passages, kills the virus and inhibits its replication, which is why the viral load is reduced so rapidly with NONS.

The median time to viral cure was three days in the NONS group and seven days in the placebo group after initiation of treatment.

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