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Human History: Such a ‘treasure’ found in the caves of South Africa, will change the history of humans, know the whole matter

How did human civilization develop, it has always been a topic of discussion. People are always eager to know about this. After the news that is coming from South Africa at this time, it is being speculated that now a new history of human civilization can be written. Some fossils have been found in the Strakfontein Caves, and since these fossils, specialists have started considering the development of civilization anew. According to a new research, these fossils have become the reason for the development of humans. These fossils are said to be 30 to 40 lakh years old. Scientists believe that fossils will write a new episode in the history of human evolution. Scientists have described the fossil of the Lucy species as 3.2 million years old and it is believed to be the ancestor of humans.

Humans of this species are
At present, Homo sapiens is the only surviving human in the line of humans. Many previous research has suggested that the leading candidate among the ancestors of Homo was probably the species Australopithecus, which lived from 4.1 million years to 2.9 million years. Australopithecus, that is, the
Lucy was found in Ethiopia in 1974. His bones were termed as the oldest bones in the world. This was the oldest and complete skeleton of ancient humans that included humans and this species was closest to humans than animals.Scientists get surprised
Caves in South Africa where Australopithecus fossils have been found are believed to be the site of human origin. This place became famous when an adult Australopithecus was discovered here in the year 1936. Several decades later, scientists again found fossils here, which were said to be of the Australopithecus species.

Although scientists said that these fossils are from 2.1 million to 2.6 million years old and are not very old. Apart from this, the oldest human fossil was found in Ethiopia which was about 2.8 million years old. Scientists have often said that the Australopithecus species of East Africa, such as Lucy, are the oldest species of humans.

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