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‘I Feel Terrible,’ Twitch Star Gives Pokémon Thousands To Surprise Money Game But With A Twist


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Renowned Twitch and YouTube streamer Imane “Pokemone” has built a reputation for upholding good values ​​and displaying generosity in the streaming community that matches his considerable wealth.

Popular Twitch streamer Pokémon shows off the generosity in a unique game.  (Image credit: Twitter/Pokemone)
Popular Twitch streamer Pokémon shows off the generosity in a unique game. (Image credit: Twitter/Pokemone)

With an estimated net worth of over $2 million, she is undoubtedly financially capable.

However, the popular Twitch figure’s recent actions have exposed his altruistic side. In an engaging YouTube video, she engages with several up-and-coming streamers in a unique game, paying money but with a twist.

During the game, Pokémon announced that it would double the amount offered to the next person if the current streamer refused. He demonstrated his kindness by rewarding those who displayed humility with 20 to 100 subscriptions.

The lucky recipient who accepted the offer surprisingly received $3,200, and his username was revealed as “sickdegenerate”.

The tempting amounts offered by Pokimane undoubtedly entice streamers. Reflecting on the game, Pokémon candidly admitted, “I feel terrible.”

However, it was clear that Pokémon’s intentions were rooted in a desire to support and uplift these emerging content creators.

The popular Twitch personality didn’t leave those who rejected empty handed. Instead, he showed his philanthropy by donating 20 gifted subscriptions ($99) to those who chose not to accept the money. This gesture ensured that all participants received a tangible token of appreciation.

The largest donation not made by Pokemon was $3.2K. He generously contributed over $6.2K to a Twitch streamer named Kybaer who had nearly 3.3K followers on the platform and refused to accept the money multiple times.

Imane extends her generosity to Shmupal, a transgender streamer, who declines the money and requests that it be doubled for the next participant. As a token of the gesture, she gifted Shmupple with 20 subscriptions, highlighting her commitment to inclusivity and support for marginalized communities gestures.

Pokimena’s actions garnered widespread acceptance and praise from viewers, who appreciated her kindness and generosity towards smaller streamers in need. He commended them for using their platform to make a positive impact and create opportunities for budding talents.

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Notably, the video showcasing Pokimena’s philanthropy was released on his 27th birthday, adding an extra layer of significance to his charitable efforts. With their acts of generosity, PokéMine celebrated their special day with friends and fellow influencers, making for a joyous and memorable occasion.

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