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I raised the issue of journalist Khashoggi’s murder with top Saudi leaders: US President Joe Biden


I raised the issue of journalist Khashoggi's murder with top Saudi leaders: US President Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden is currently on a tour of West Asia. He reached Saudi Arabia on Friday. Here Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman gave him a warm welcome in the royal palace. This is the first time the two leaders have met. Talking to the media after the meeting, Biden said that he had raised the issue of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was killed in 2018, with the high leaders of Saudi Arabia. They also discussed the need for human rights and political reform in the meeting.

Biden said- ‘As I always do, in the meeting I made it clear that the subject of human rights is very important to me and America. I raised the issue of the murder of Saudi journalist Khashoggi with top leaders. I clarified what I thought about it at the time of the murder, and what I think about it now. Even on the issue of human rights, the President of America can never remain silent.Biden angry with Prince Salman over Khashoggi’s murder
Let us tell you that Joe Biden is facing criticism for greeting Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. In fact, as a presidential candidate, Biden had sharply criticized Saudi Arabia on human rights matters. Biden last year approved the release of a US intelligence that believed Crown Prince Salman may have approved Khashoggi’s murder. The release of this report caused a rift in US-Saudi relations. At the same time, when Biden was asked on Thursday whether he would raise the issue of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a critic of the Saudi Empire, during his meeting with the crown prince, he did not give a direct answer.

59-year-old Khashoggi was murdered in Turkey

Journalist Jamal Khashoggi, 59, was murdered in the Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey in 2018. He had gone there to collect some of his important documents. Saudi Arabia described it as an incident during an operation in which some agents were sent to bring Khashoggi back to the country. However, Turkey said that Khashoggi was killed by agents only at the behest of the Saudi government. After this murder, there was a protest against the Saudi government all over the world. Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman denied any involvement in the killing.

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