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Imran Khan accused of carrying gifts from Toshakhana, Election Commission summoned


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Pakistan News : The Election Commission has summoned former Prime Minister Imran Khan on 18 August over the Toshakhana dispute in Pakistan. The ruling coalition had complained to the Election Commission. According to which Imran Khan has taken foreign gifts from Toshakhana for free.

Whereas according to the rules, these gifts can be auctioned or will be deposited in Toshakhana. The auction money is also deposited in the government treasury. Imran Khan has also not given any information about the gifts taken with him.

The Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) has filed a petition claiming that former Prime Minister Imran Khan has taken most of the goods from Toshakhana with him without paying. Along with this, he has not disclosed the gifts taken with him.

Whereas according to the law of the country, the gift received from any foreign dignitary is deposited in the Government Toshkhana. According to this law, if the head of state wants to keep these gifts with him, then he will have to pay the price of the gift. The price is decided through auction.

Gifts either have to be deposited in Toshakhana or can be auctioned. The auction money is deposited in the national treasury. On the complaint, the Election Commission has issued a notice to Imran Khan and called him for questioning on August 18.

accused of selling gifts

According to The News International newspaper, Imran Khan has allegedly sold expensive gifted watches from foreign dignitaries for lakhs of rupees. One, he did not deposit these gifts worth lakhs of rupees in Toshakhana. Along with this, its amount has also not been deposited. Expensive gifts also include diamond jewelery sets and bracelets.

also accused of concealing information

Along with not depositing the gifts received in the government warehouse, there have also been allegations against Imran Khan that he has not given any information about the gifts. He has been hiding information about gifts received from abroad.

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