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Imran Khan News: ‘Imran Khan is a drug addict, he can’t live without cocaine for 2 hours’, Pak minister gave a big statement


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  • Government knows who transports drugs to Imran’s luxurious bungalow Banigala
  • Allegations on Imran – ‘Cricketer has been taking cocaine since then’
  • Reham and Sarfaraz have given testimony on Imran’s drug addiction

Imran Khan News: The troubles of former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan are not decreasing. After resigning from the post of PM, there have been many allegations against him. In this episode, the Home Minister of Pakistan’s Punjab province, Ata Tarad, has made very serious allegations against former PM Imran Khan. He says that Imran Khan has been addicted to taking drugs from the beginning. He said that the government knows who transports drugs to Imran’s luxurious bungalow, Banigala. Imran Khan is such a big drug addict that he cannot live without charas and cocaine for 2 hours.

Although such allegations have been made against Imran Khan, this is not the first time. Earlier in the year 2020, Imran’s close friend and former Pakistan fast bowler Sarfaraz Nawaz openly made similar allegations on TV. Not only this, later Imran’s second divorced wife Reham himself also accused Imran Khan of being addicted to drugs.

We don’t want to arrest Imran.

In a press conference held in Lahore, Punjab province’s Home Minister Ata said that Imran Khan can be arrested anytime for taking drugs. We don’t want to do that though. Ata asked how Imran would be able to live in jail without intoxication. We know that his luxurious house, Banigala, which is spread over an area of ​​hundreds of acres, supplies drugs there. Why don’t we talk about his addiction. He has been using charas since the time he was a cricketer. Imran does not want to go to jail because he knows that we will not give him cocaine in jail.

At the moment, we are investigating their corruption of billions of rupees.

Imran’s wife and his friend did a scam of billions

Law Minister Malik Mohammad Ahmed Khan was also present in this press conference with Ata. Malik said- Imran’s wife Bushra Bibi and her absconding friend Farah Khan committed a scam of billions of rupees. Land worth Rs 60 crore was bought for Rs 8 crore, that too in an area where land cannot be bought. Its investigation is going on.

Reham and Sarfaraz have given testimony on Imran’s drug addiction

Reham Khan was the second wife of Imran Khan. The marriage with Imran did not last even a year. In his book, Reham had described Imran as a drug addict and homosexual. The special thing is that Imran could not harm Reham, but the journalists who mentioned Reham’s book in the TV show had to pay a heavy price for it.

Sarfaraz Nawaz who was a fast bowler of Pakistan and a close friend of Imran. He had revealed in a TV interview that in 1987, when Imran came to my house with other cricketers, he had taken cocaine there. He gave this interview in 2020. He said that he has been taking drugs for a long time. There is nothing new in this.

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