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In this way, you can correct the bad speaker of your phone at home, learn how


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One way to clean your phone’s speaker at home is by using a brush. You might find it strange to hear this, but it is true. To do this, take a soft bristle brush and use light pressure to clean the phone’s speaker.

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If your phone’s speaker has stopped working, today we are going to share some tips with you so that you can fix it while relaxing at home. The sound coming from the phone often becomes less audible. The dirt that has accumulated in the speaker of the phone due to our carelessness is the main reason for this. Due to the accumulation of dirt, the speaker of the phone gets clogged and the sound coming out of the device is low. People who experience this think that their phone’s speaker is broken and take it to a shop to have it repaired or replaced. Whereas cleaning the speaker of your phone while staying at home is an option. Let’s see how.

Must have professional mobile cleaning kit

You should keep in mind that if you want to repair any of your equipment at home, you will need a mobile cleaning kit. You only need to invest money once, and you can use it forever.

clean the speaker with a soft brush

One way to clean your phone’s speaker at home is by using a brush. You might find it strange to hear this, but it is true. To do this, take a soft bristle brush and use light pressure to clean the phone’s speaker. Due to accumulation of dust, the speaker of the phone stops working again and again. In this case, they should be cleaned.

compressed air will help

Compressed air can also be used to clean the speaker grill. For this, use an air pump that is not industrial strength. If you clean the speaker with compressed air, the dirt accumulated in the speaker grill is removed.

sticky tape will work

Sticky tape is a great tool for this task. By applying sticky tape, your phone’s bad speaker will be cleaned. Apply a strong layer of sticky tape to the speaker using a short length of tape. Next, delete. But keep in mind that the glue of the tape should not be left inside.

clean cloth will help

The ports and speakers of the phone should be cleaned occasionally with a fresh cotton cloth. As a result, the speakers and ports remain clean. However, you must be careful not to leave any lint in the ports of the cloth.

Every day a lot of smartphones are introduced in the market. Every day, we discuss feature upgrades. However, it’s not always possible to get a new phone, so if your phone’s speaker isn’t working, there could be several reasons why. But another factor could be that your phone is covered with grime. Please tell us how to clean it.

how to fix your phone speaker

There are many natural remedies that you can try for this, none of which will cost you a single rupee. We’re going to give you some tips right now that will help you through the process.

use cotton buds

For this you will need cotton buds. Use a cotton swab to clean the exterior of the speaker. Apply slight pressure by gently twisting it around the speaker hole. If the earbuds are large, tuck them inside the speaker opening. Please be aware that excessive pressure may damage your speaker. Rubin’s alcohol can be applied gently to a cotton swab.

You can use double site tape

You do this by properly applying double-sided tape to a small match. After that, you can use it to clean your phone’s speaker. By doing this, the dust of the speaker sticks to the glue of the tape and your speaker becomes clean.

can take the help of a toothbrush

For this, use a toothbrush with gentle bristles. Speaker grilles can be cleaned with any corroded but clean brush. Move your phone’s brush up or down. Remember to be careful during this step to avoid damaging your phone’s speakers. How to clean the speaker from inside?

If despite your best efforts, the speaker is still not working, then your phone needs to be cleaned from inside. For this you will need a cleaning kit, which you can buy online. But be careful while doing this. If you have any doubts, avoid doing this step as it may affect other components of your phone as well.

– Animesh Sharma

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