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Insulting Maa Kali is a gross insult to Hinduism: Arun Govil on Kaali Poster | News & Features Network


Movie Kaali Regarding the poster of Arun Govil (Arun Govil) has written in a post on his social networking site Instagram account, ‘Insulting Maa Kali is a gross insult to Hinduism.

crores of hindus There is a direct attack on the faith of Insults to Hindu gods and goddesses have become a norm in films and advertisements. Why and for how long the Hindu religion is repeatedly insulted? Such heinous crimes should stop immediately.

Arun GoWill This post of has now gone viral on social media. People are constantly commenting on this post and telling their words to be true. Let me tell you, Leena Manimekalai has been embroiled in controversies because of the poster of her new documentary film Kali.

in the poster In Goddess Kaali’s getup, the woman is shown smoking a cigarette and carrying a flag of the LGBTQ + community. Hindu organizations are continuously opposing this film. Hindus have demanded action, accusing Leena of hurting religious sentiments.

Canada andThere is a ruckus on this poster in Ottawa as well. Canada, India’s High Commission in Ottawa has asked Canadian authorities to remove such provocative material. Cases have been registered against Leela in many places in India. Delhi Police has received two complaints against the film.

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