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ISIS News: Islamic State Syrian leader killed in US drone attack, was riding a motorcycle


ISIS News: Islamic State Syrian leader killed in US drone attack, was riding a motorcycle

The leader of the Islamic State terrorist group in Syria was killed in a US drone strike on Tuesday. The slain terrorist has been identified as Maher al-Agal. Maher al-Agal was the head of the Islamic State in Syria. Pentagon Central Command spokesman Lt Col Dave Eastburn said Maher al-Agal was on a motorcycle with one of his accomplices at the time of the attack. The attack took place near Jindyaris in Syria, in which Maher was killed and one of his accomplices was seriously injured. Maher al-Agal was one of the top four leaders of ISIS, NBC News quoted a spokesman for US Army Central Command Centcom as saying.

ISIS weakened by top commander’s killing
US Army Colonel Joe Buccino said the attack would undermine ISIS’s ability to attack. Not only this, this terrorist organization will not be able to fulfill its plans. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed that the US had been killed in a drone strike. The Syrian Civil Defense Force said one person was killed and another wounded in an attack targeting a motorcycle outside Aleppo, but did not identify those killed.Second Islamic State leader dies in 5 months
Very little information is available with the people about Agal. However, in Syria, he is said to be the governor of the Islamic State’s Levant province. The attack comes five months after the attack on the Syrian city of Atame five months ago. Islamic State leader Abu Ibrahim al-Qurshi was killed in that attack. US officials said Qureshi died after he detonated a bomb to avoid being caught.America had put Baghdadi to death
In 2019, the US killed Islamic State chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in Idbil, Syria. He too blew himself up to avoid being caught during US military action. Baghdadi was born in 1971 in Samra, Iraq. Baghdadi was a PhD degree holder. He also fought on behalf of rebel groups against US forces in Iraq in 2003. During this he was also caught, after which he was imprisoned from 2005 to 2009 in Camp Buka of America in southern Iraq. After his release from prison, he founded Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

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