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‘It’s a juicy word’, William Shatner reveals his favorite word


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Renowned actor and former Star Trek captain William Shatner expressed his love for the F’ word during a recent interview. He explained why he enjoys using it in conversation, calling it a “juicy” word. William further revealed that he uses the word every now and then and it has become his favorite word. He shared that he used that particular word to spice up conversations with people. (Also Read: ‘I don’t have much time to live, my time is limited’, Star Trek’s William Shatner talks about his mortality)

William Shatner reveals his favorite word.

At SXSW, William discussed his love for the F word during a conversation with filmmaker Tim League. He explained why he enjoys using the four-syllable word in conversation, calling it the word “juicy”. During a discussion on disruptive electronic gadgets and how to deal with them, William used the “F” word, stating ‘Shut the f**** up’. He acknowledged that some people may find the word ugly, but he finds it a juicy word.

After using the F word, William turned to the sign language interpreter and repeated the phrase ‘shut the f— up’, before asking the audience to sign for the word. This left the audience laughing.

In a recent interview with Variety, he also discussed the legacy he hopes to leave behind. With the understanding that his time is limited, he plans to make a documentary called You Can Call Me Bill. Through this project, he wants to share his life experiences, provide valuable insights and establish a connection with future generations.

He hopes to use his storytelling skills to inspire and entertain his audience, leaving a meaningful legacy that will continue to influence people long after he is gone. By sharing his unique perspective on life and the world, he hopes to build a bridge between generations and provide a source of inspiration for those who come after him.

He said, “I have turned down many offers to do documentaries in the past. But I don’t have much time to live. Whether I’m talking to you here or 10 years from now, my time is limited, so that’s a factor.

Aware of his limited time, he remains optimistic and motivated to make a positive impact in the world, saying, “I have grandchildren. This documentary is a way for me to reach out after I die.” “

William rose to global fame for his portrayal of Captain James T. Kirk in the original Star Trek TV series, which aired between 1966 and 1969. In addition to his iconic performance in Star Trek, he has starred in several television shows and movies such as Boston Legal, TJ Hooker, and The Practice.

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