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James Webb NASA: It’s just a teaser! The deepest photo of space released by James Webb Telescope, NASA shows ‘Glimpse’


The US space agency NASA has released a beautiful teaser photo ahead of the first deep-space images captured by its most powerful space telescope, James Webb. NASA’s much-anticipated deep-space photos will be released next week, captured by the James Webb Telescope. According to scientists, this powerful device can open many secrets related to the origin of the universe.The $10 billion-finished telescope was launched in December last year and is currently orbiting the Sun 1.5 million km from Earth. With the help of its huge primary mirror and instruments, this telescope can see for a greater distance than any other telescope in space. Instruments in the telescope help it see through dust and gas as well.

Glimpse of deepest space
Images from deep space will be released on July 12, but NASA on Wednesday shared a test photo that shows distant stars and galaxies. NASA said in a statement that this image is not of very good quality. But nonetheless is ‘one of the darkest pictures ever taken of space’ and provides a ‘beautiful glimpse’ of what is to unfold in the weeks, months and years to come.

Webb is stronger than any space telescope
When this photo was taken, I was thrilled to see the detailed structure clearly in these faint galaxies, said Neil Rowlands, program scientist for the Webb Telescope’s Fine Guidance Sensor at Honeywell Aerospace. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said last week that the Webb telescope is capable of observing the farthest distances in space of any previous telescope.

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