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Joe Biden: A lot of mockery of Biden’s old age, the US President could not even wear his coat by himself, even if he wore glasses, he also fell down, Watch Viral Video


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Image Source : TWITTER
Joe Biden Jacket-Sunglasses


  • Biden has recently recovered from Corona
  • Biden facing problems due to old age
  • Wife seen helping in viral video

Joe Biden: US President Joe Biden recently visited Kentucky. Here he went to the areas which have been badly affected by the floods. During this, his wife Jill Biden was also with him. But during this time Biden appeared quite uncomfortable. Biden, who had recently recovered from Kovid-19, found it difficult to put on his coat on his own and he also dropped the glasses. In such a situation, Jill appeared to help them. Its video is becoming very viral on social media.

Due to which some people are making fun of Biden, while some people are feeling ashamed to call him their President. Seeing the viral video, people are questioning Biden’s health. Biden arrived in Kentucky by Marine One helicopter. The recent floods here have claimed 37 lives and damaged several houses. First Lady Jill Biden was seen helping her husband and country’s President Joe Biden. While he was struggling to put on his navy blue coat, Joe Jill helped him wear it.

Wife Jill helped Biden put on the coat

Biden had landed at Lexington Airport in a Marine One helicopter. He was accompanied by Jill and Marine commandos were walking behind. Jill helped Biden put on his coat. But then after a few seconds, his glasses fell down, which he was already wearing. He had to struggle even to lift the glasses. Biden was able to put on his blazer with the help of Jill. After this he went ahead and talked to the media. He was coughing while talking.

oldest president in american history

Joe Biden was sworn in as the President of the United States on January 2021. He is the oldest president in American history. Since the video went viral, questions are being raised about Biden’s health. But this is not the first time, but it has happened before. Two similar videos had surfaced earlier as well. In a video, he was seen sleeping while disembarking from Air Force One.

Questions have been raised on Biden’s health before

Biden’s first video surfaced in March 2021. During this time Biden was on a trip to Atlanta, when he got off the plane twice, his foot slipped on his stairs. After this, in June this year, another video surfaced. This time Biden was flying from Andrews Airbase to California. Then he stumbled on the plane.

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