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Kicha Sudeep sure, someone third was involved in the tweet-war on Hindi from Ajay Devgan


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Kicha Sudeep

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The statements of movie actors regarding Hindi language have been in discussion for the past several days. A few months ago, the verbal war between Ajay Devgan and Kichha Sudeep was in the news a lot on social media. In this, there was a debate between the two about making Hindi the national language. Now both the actors have forgotten their grievances. However, Sudeep feels that there was a third hand in the argument between them. Ajay Devgan cannot tweet like this.

The debate took place in April

In the month of April, Kicha Sudeep had said at an event that Hindi is no longer a national language. After his video went viral, Aye Devgan tagged Sudeep and told a lot. After this, Tu-Tu-Main-Main went on between the two actors on social media for a long time. Now in a conversation with our colleague Hindustan Time, Sudeep has talked about this.

Appreciate Ajay

Sudeep was asked whether he and Ajay Devgn are still friends after the Twitter controversy three months ago? To this Sudeep said, Ajay Devgan is a gentleman. There is no bitterness. I am telling you 100%. There was a small misunderstanding. She tweeted me but she is so sweet that she tweeted back, Sudeep I got my reply. Thanks for clearing the matter.

Ajay was tweeting in Hindi

Ajay’s first tweet for Sudeep was in Hindi. While Sudeep was answering in English. Sudeep had also said that he could answer in Kannada if he wanted but Ajay could not understand. People had also supported Sudeep on this matter and said that Ajay should have written English which is the common language.

Sudeep said – Ajay was not there

To this Sudeep said, I am very sure that the person I know will not tweet in Hindi. It was definitely the idea of ​​a third person. I don’t want to know or draw any conclusions.

Said – love is with Hindi

Sudeep told that in South India people learn Hindi before going to school. The reason for this is Bollywood. Said, I had two teachers – Kishore Kumar ji and Amitabh Bachchan ji. Because before going to school, I had learned a lot of Hindi from these people. We had to learn to understand the dialogues and songs of Bachchan sahib. Since then we are in love with Hindi.

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