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Kim Kardashian ‘told Pete to stop eating junk food’ after losing weight


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khaskhabar.com : Wednesday, 20 July 2022 2:50 PM

Reality star Kim Kardashian is reworking her boyfriend Pete Davidson’s diet, fearing pizza and pasta might tempt her. She has lost 9kg since fitting into Marilyn Monroe’s iconic birthday dress for this year’s Met Gala, reports Mirror.co.uk.

The reality TV star reportedly wants Davidson, whom she has been dating since October, to put an end to her love of junk food as she is determined to be in the best shape possible for her swimwear line.

A source told Closer, “Kim told Pete that he has to stop eating junk, it kills him because he’s tall and skinny. He can eat whatever he wants thanks to his metabolism and it drives him crazy.” gives.”

“She doesn’t want the food to tempt her to take away from her strict regime, she has made no secret of loving her late-night pizza and pasta dinners. Kim has told her, that she needs to curb them.” needs because she also wants to be trimmer to promote her metallic swimwear and the material is very forgiving.”

Kim’s workout regime is well documented, but insider claims it drives the mother-in-law of four “crazy” that Davidson can eat fast food and doesn’t have to exercise.

Last month, Kim revealed that she has lost an overall weight of 9 kg as she has stopped eating all junk food and sugar.

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