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Krystle D’Souza on her body transformation: I was editing my pictures when I realized my weight


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Actor Krystle D’Souza recently surprised her Instagram followers with her remarkable physical transformation, sharing before and after pictures showcasing her weight loss journey. “I am very fit and healthy now,” she tells us, revealing that it was during the pandemic-induced lockdown when she gained so much weight.

Krystle D'Souza shares pictures of her weight loss transformation.
Krystle D’Souza shares pictures of her weight loss transformation.

“And it was unhealthy weight that many of us had put on. [During lockdowns] We were eating unhealthy, gyms were closed and we were living life very simply. Life was already mentally hectic at that time, so food was my only comfort. I used to eat a lot. Honestly, I don’t care about getting bigger, but being healthy,” says the actor, who has come down from a UK waist size 12 to a UK 8.

While actors regularly fall prey to trolling when people comment on the way they look, for D’Souza, it was her own conscious self that inspired her to embark on her weight loss journey.

“People on social media didn’t even know that I had put on weight. it was something i used to see [in the mirror] And do not like. One day in particular when I was editing my photos for social media to look a certain way — everyone does it, either to improve their skin or to shape up their bodies — — and that’s when I realized I needed to be fitter and more physically fit. Proactive,” the 33-year-old recalls, describing himself as more confident now.

After losing a few inches, D’Souza is glad she can get back into her old pair of denim or have to buy a size smaller, though she’s quick to clarify, “I’m not saying that a skinny person It’s healthy, but it’s like a reward at the end of your workout that it worked. It gives me a lot of confidence to go back on screen and give auditions. I was a little conscious, but now I’m comfortable. “

Furthermore, the actor shared that he also noticed a drop in his stamina levels and that’s when he decided to become fitter and healthier. “I worked with a trainer who pushed me to lift weights. I converted myself into muscle, because I still weigh roughly the same on the scale. Now I work out four times a week and take three rest days. And my workouts aren’t monotonous. I try all kinds of workouts from weight training to kick-boxing,” shares D’Souza, who follows a simple diet rich in proteins and fats and minimizes any carbs.

Actor, known for TV show My sister is a gem, are also happy to experience a change in their routine after losing a few inches. “More than anything, I’m more active during the day. As an actor, while waiting for your next project, you have nothing to do. So, [earlier] I would just wake up and lay in bed all day watching TV. But now I wake up early and go to the gym. I don’t want to be home anymore; So I go out, meet up with my friends and keep busy doing something,” says D’Souza.

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