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Loch Ness Monster: Dinosaur-like big-toothed monsters that lived in the ocean? Scientists found amazing fossils


 Loch Ness Monster: Dinosaur-like big-toothed monsters that lived in the ocean?  Scientists found amazing fossils

Dinosaur fossils found in Morocco. After the discovery of these fossils, questions have been raised about the existence of Loch Ness Monster of Scotland. The Loch Ness Monster is called the monster of the lake. According to scientists, after getting the fossils, now the possibility has increased that sea monsters were not a fantasy but a reality. Scientists also named these monsters as plesiosaurs. The first plesiosaurs are believed to have been discovered in 1823 when their remains were found in excavations.Hundreds of years old remains found
Scientists from the University of Bath in England have recently found the remains of 100 million years old Plesior. It is being told that they were present in the river system present in the Sahara desert of Morocco. These indicate that these creatures with long necks and sharp teeth lived in water and were mostly found in fresh water. Plesior was always considered a fictional character and was also given the nickname Nessie.

Looking at their imaginary photographs, it is known that they also had a tail like a fish. Their head was small and the neck was very long. However, this was always refused to accept. It was believed that plesioras were found only in sea water, but due to the discovery of their remains in the river, many things have started getting strength.
sharp and dangerous teeth
Doctor Nick Longrich has monitored this entire development. He told the British newspaper The Telegraph, ‘We don’t really know why Plesior lived in fresh water. This is a matter of little controversy because we always believed that it was a sea-dwelling creature. But it is also true that many sea animals had also infiltrated the river water. Dave Martil, assistant author of Longarchy, said, ‘What surprised me was that these kinds of creatures lived together in the ancient Moroccan river.’ Plesior’s teeth are exactly the same as those of dinosaurs and were in the same parts. Their diet was also like that of dinosaurs. According to the University of Bath, the fossils that have been found show that this animal was missing for 66 million years.

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