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Mother’s Day Special: Feeding her newborn for the first time was the most rewarding moment, says Neha Marda


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Actress Neha Marda welcomed her first child, a baby girl in April, and she is very excited to celebrate her first Mother’s Day as herself. Enjoying this new phase of her life, the actress recalls how feeding her baby has been the most satisfying experience she has ever had since embracing motherhood.

Neha Marda became a mother in April and is celebrating her first Mother's Day today.
Neha Marda became a mother in April and is celebrating her first Mother’s Day today.

Explaining it, she tells us, “My biggest fear before becoming a mother was that I would not feed. Even though I have been very cautious about eating healthy and following a good lifestyle, the fear was a constant. This insecurity was always there may be because I have heard a lot about it in my friend circle. She gives birth and realizes that she is unable to give milk. And I always wanted to feed my child. So, when I fed him for the first time, it was one of the most rewarding moments as a mother.

Since Marda had a premature delivery, she had to stay away from her newborn daughter for the first 20 days. And since the day she returned home with her baby, the actor is enjoying every moment with the little one, and no amount of responsibility is deterring her.

“First, I was in a very deep sleep. Nothing and no one could wake me up. But now I don’t even need an alarm. I wake up about four times a day to feed her, to check if her diaper is on, to see if she’s sleeping well or crying. And I do all this with ease. Earlier there used to be chid chid when mother used to wake up. But now, it’s all different,” she adds, “My mom keeps telling me that I’ll take care of her and you get some sleep. It’s not that I don’t trust my mother, but my conscience tells me to be there for her and see for myself that everything is fine. I can’t trust anyone here more than myself.

Talking about how the past one month has been after bringing her baby home, Marda says that her daughter has been a very easy child till now.

“She takes long naps which makes me sleep well too. Besides, it’s not like before when a single mother had to do everything. I have helping hands in my house, who work under my supervision. And I think it’s even more important because I have to prepare him for the future when I have to go back to work and he has to be under someone’s care,” she shares.

Furthermore, Marda shared that since she is not a very young mother, she was well prepared for everything that was going to happen in her life after the baby was born. “I am 34 years old and I think I was quite prepared in my mind to see what happens. Fatigue, sleepless nights, exhaustion, depression and what not. And because of this, I am always one step ahead of anyone who might bother me. Besides, as a daily soap actor anyway, I am very used to staying awake or sleeping in my costume. So even if there are sleepless nights sometimes, I am not really tired,” she says.

Ask how it feels when someone calls you mom, Marda smiles and says, “It sure sounds old, but it’s okay. I feel like I have a friend in my life now, my Life is complete now. Apart from my mother, she is the only thing that is my everything. Now that I have found her, nothing can be more beautiful than this.”

Regarding any special plans for Mother’s Day, Marda says that there is no comprehensive plan as they are taking all the precautions suggested by the doctors. “She is a premature baby and we are really keeping her away from the outside world right now. Doctors have not given permission. So maybe we can have a small celebration at home with mom, dad and me. Cut the cake and eat it myself,” she ends.

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