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North Korea’s Kim Jong Un threatens Nancy Pelosi and America, saying – will have to pay a heavy price


North Korea's Kim Jong Un threatens Nancy Pelosi and America, saying - will have to pay a heavy price

North Korea Hits Out Nancy Pelosi: Tension continues between China and America regarding Taiwan. US Lower House Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently visited Taiwan. On which China had strongly objected. China had even threatened to take military action on America. Now North Korea has also entered this dispute. After China, North Korea has also reacted sharply to Nancy Pelosi.

North Korea’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Joe Yong-sam said in a statement that Nancy Pelosi came under criticism of China for destroying regional peace and stability by visiting Taiwan. He has created an atmosphere of confrontation with North Korea during his visit to South Korea.

North Korea accuses Pelosi of this

On behalf of the North Korean spokesperson, further said that Nancy Pelosi, during her visit, spoke with South Korean officials about taking strong and concrete steps to deal with the threat from North Korea. The North Korean Foreign Ministry official further said that behind all this is America’s destructive strategy, which is trying to create tension on the Korean peninsula and the current ruling South Korean conservative forces in the region by pushing them into confrontation with neighboring countrymen in the north. Used to be.

North Korea strongly criticized Pelosi’s visit to Ukraine in April, calling Pelosi the worst devastation of international peace and stability. North Korea also accused Nancy Pelosi of instigating Ukraine’s confrontation with Russia during her visit to Ukraine, and she also faced criticism from China during her recent visit to Taiwan. North Korea hit out at Pelosi, saying wherever she went, the US would have to pay dearly for the trouble she caused.

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