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PewDiePie breaks silence on Twitch ban, reveals surprising reason behind his channel’s return


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After weeks of speculation, one of YouTube’s most popular faces, Felix Arvid ‘PewDiePie’ Ulf Kjellberg, has finally broken his silence, debuting the facts on his sudden Twitch return and addressing the mystery behind his ban on the platform.

In a screengrab from PewDiePie's tribute video.  (Image credit: YouTube)
In a screengrab from PewDiePie’s tribute video. (Image credit: YouTube)

PewDiePie is primarily a YouTube content creator, he previously dabbled in streaming on Twitch before leaving the platform and leaving his channel inactive for a substantial amount of time.

Surprising fans around the world, PewDiePie’s Twitch channel unexpectedly returned on March 21 after being inactive for so many years. With no indication from PewDiePie about his return on any social media, fans were left wondering whether the YouTube celebrity had inadvertently become the victim of a hacking attempt.

PewDiePie’s Twitch channel began airing an uninterrupted loop of his previous videos under the name ‘PewDiePie Infinity’. It soon became clear that the YouTuber himself was behind this unorthodox move.

Later, it was revealed that PewDiePie had uploaded a significant amount of content, over 3,000 hours, providing an ample supply of content to engage viewers.

The idea behind ‘PewDiePie Infinity’ was to create a community space where people could come together, chat and watch videos collectively.

Following the stream, on May 9, the Amazon-owned platform made headlines by announcing a ban on PewDiePie’s Twitch channel.

This news left many shocked and curious about the reasons behind the ban. Throughout this period, the Swiss YouTuber has remained silent about the purpose of his Twitch channel’s return and refrained from addressing rumors of a possible hack.

However, on May 25, he released a video on his YouTube channel where he briefly touched on these matters, finally revealing some insight.

PewDiePie said that initially, many people assumed that his Twitch channel had been hacked due to his sudden and unexpected return. However, he clarified that he had brought the channel back intentionally as part of his “PewDiePie Infinity” experiment. Their intention was to provide an entertaining and interactive space for their fans to gather together, chat and enjoy their content.

Regarding the ban, PewDiePie acknowledged that both Twitch and YouTube have a similar approach of not clearly stating the exact reason for the ban. Therefore, he admitted that he himself was not sure of the specific reason for his Twitch ban. However, he humorously suggested that streaming video from 2017, which may have violated Twitch’s guidelines, may have been a contributing factor.

In 2017, during a live stream of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PewDiePie used a racial slur in response to an unexpected incident in the game. The incident apparently caused a significant amount of backlash and criticism. Following the news of PewDiePie’s recent Twitch ban, many fans also speculated that the above 2017 video could be the reason behind the ban.

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However, the positive news for PewDiePie’s dedicated fan base is that Twitch has since lifted the ban on his channel, allowing them to access and enjoy his content once again.

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