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President of Mexico gave a unique proposal for global peace, PM’s demand, know


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Mexican President: Mexico’s President Lopez Obrador has made a unique proposal to the United Nations for global peace. He has said that for world peace, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, Christian priest Pope Francis and Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, these three leaders should meet soon and the next 5 Present a blueprint for global peace for years. A committee should be formed under the leadership of these three.

Mexican President’s Unique Proposal

Mexican President Andres Manuel López Obrador has said this because it is necessary to promote global peace. He said that he is planning to submit a written proposal to the United Nations for setting up a commission with three world leaders including Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi. The MSN web portal reported that the Mexican president is planning a ceasefire for the next five years to ensure that there is peace in the world.

Obrador will make a written offer

During a press conference, Mexican President Obrador said, “I will propose in writing, I will present it in the United Nations. I have been saying this and I hope that the media will help us spread it. Because these are the leaders They don’t speak unless it is convenient for them.” That is why I would like to propose that Pope Francis, UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi should be included in the Apex Commission.

There should be five years of global peace

He said that the purpose of this commission would be to present a proposal to stop wars around the world and to reach an agreement for at least five years. Mexico’s President Na said that “when those three leaders meet, they will soon present a resolution to stop war everywhere and reach an agreement to hold a deal for at least five years, so that the world can be saved.” We have five years without tension, violence and peace for that governments can dedicate themselves to supporting their people, especially the oppressed.

China, America, Russia must seek peace

Calling for an end to war-like actions, the Mexican president has invited China, Russia and the United States to seek peace and expressed the hope that the three countries will “listen to and accept an arbitration such as we are proposed.”

These three leaders have talked about stopping the war.

The president said that “these leaders who are at war have been told that from their confrontation, there will be nothing more than a year left, they have given the reason. They have overcome the world economic crisis, they have reduced inflation.” And the shortage of food, more poverty and worst, in one year, because in the conflicts, so many human beings have lost their lives. All these have done great things.”

According to Obrador, the proposed ceasefire “will help to reach agreements in the case of Taiwan, Israel and Palestine and prevent further confrontation.” Furthermore, he urged that all governments around the world should join forces with the support of the United Nations, and not the bureaucratic apparatus in which proposals and initiatives are presented.

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