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Rakshabandhan 2022: Tie Rakhi to brother according to the zodiac, know which color will be auspicious


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By tying Rakhi according to the zodiac on Rakshabandhan, there will be happiness in the life of the brother.
By tying Rakhi according to the zodiac, the bond of brother and sister becomes strong.

Rakshabandhan festival according to Hindu calendar (Rakshabandhan) Sawan is celebrated on the full moon day. This year Rakshabandhan is on 11th August 2022. The festival of Rakshabandhan shows the unbreakable love and strong relationship of brother and sister. On this day sisters tie Rakshasutra on their brother’s wrist and wish him a long and healthy life. Brothers give gifts to their sisters and promise to protect them throughout their life, so while tying this Rakshasutra related to the bond of brother-sister relationship, special care should be taken of the mantra, rules and Muhurta. According to astrology, on the day of Rakshabandhan, brothers should tie Rakhi with colors according to the zodiac sign. This strengthens the relationship and protects the brother from all the troubles. Delhi astrologer Acharya Gurmeet Singh It is known from Rakshabandhan that according to the zodiac sign, what color Rakhi will be tied to the brother is auspicious.

What color zodiac should be tied on brother’s wrist according to the zodiac

  • Sheep- If your brother’s zodiac sign is Aries, then it will be auspicious to tie a red colored rakhi to him on the day of Rakshabandhan. This increases the love in brother-sister relationship. Apart from this, you can also tie pink and yellow rakhi.
  • Taurus- It is auspicious to tie a white or sky colored Rakhi for the people of Taurus. If your brother’s zodiac sign is also Taurus, then sisters can tie white and sky colored Rakhi to him on Raksha Bandhan.
  • Gemini- Green color is considered very auspicious for Gemini people, so sisters tie green colored Rakhi on Raksha Bandhan. Apart from this, you can also tie blue and pink colored Rakhi.
  • Cancer- According to astrology, if your brother’s zodiac sign is Cancer, then you can tie white or light yellow rakhi to him on Rakshabandhan. This brings happiness and prosperity in the life of the brother.
  • Lion- According to astrology, tying orange colored Rakhi is said to be auspicious for the people of Leo zodiac. This strengthens the brother-sister relationship. Also read: How did the festival of Rakshabandhan start? Learn Mythology
  • Virgo- If your brother’s zodiac sign is Virgo, then you can tie a pistachio green or pink colored rakhi to him.
  • Libra- You can tie bright rakhi of light yellow, white and blue color to the brothers of Libra zodiac.
  • Scorpio- The lord of this zodiac is Mars and Mars is related to red color, so on Rakshabandhan if sister ties red colored Rakhi to her brothers then it is considered very auspicious.
  • Sagittarius- In astrology, Jupiter is considered to be the lord of Sagittarius, so it is considered most auspicious to tie yellow colored Rakhi to brothers of this zodiac on Raksha Bandhan.
  • Capricorn- On Rakshabandhan, brothers with Capricorn zodiac can tie blue or multicolored rakhi.
  • Aquarius- Blue, black or dark color is auspicious for Aquarius people, so tie Rakhi of these colors on Raksha Bandhan. Due to this, the blessings of Shani Dev are obtained and progress in the field is achieved.
  • Pisces- If your brother’s zodiac sign is Pisces, then tie a yellow rakhi to him on Raksha Bandhan. It gives relief from all kinds of diseases.

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According to astrology, each zodiac sign is related to some or the other planet, which is called the ruling planet of that zodiac. Therefore, tying Rakhi with colors according to the zodiac sign strengthens the planet.

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