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Rosonda Thomas reacts to Matthew Lawrence wanting to have kids together: ‘I’ll have to get married then….’


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During a recent interview, actor Matthew Lawrence spoke highly of his girlfriend, singer Rosonda Thomas, calling her an ‘amazing woman’ and ‘really special’. He also expressed his desire to start a family with her at some point in the future. However, when Rosonda was asked about the possibility of having children with Matthew, she explained that she would prefer to get married before starting a family. As she hasn’t tied the knot yet, she didn’t give a clear answer on the matter but suggested that anything could happen in the future. (Also Read: Matthew Lawrence talks about having ‘kids’ with Rosonda Thomas in the future: ‘That’s the game plan we’re trying to have’)

Rosonda Thomas with boyfriend Matthew Lawrence.

During a recent radio interview on Ryan Cameron Uncensored, Rozonda Chilli Thomas discussed the possibility of having children with her boyfriend Matthew. She is unsure whether children are in her future with Matthew, as only time will tell. “You never know,” Chilli told Page Six on the broadcast. “I would never say that [I’m done]”, He continued.

She insisted that she had a condition that needed to be met before she could even consider the idea of ​​having children. She clarified, “I definitely have to get married.. and I’m not married yet.”

During a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, actor Matthew Lawrence talked about his girlfriend, singer Rosonda, whom he called “really, really special.” They discuss how they met and their plans for the future, which include starting a family together. When asked if they are planning on having kids anytime soon, Matthew replied, “It’s the game plan. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

Matthew expresses his joy and the excitement he feels spending time with Rosonda, saying that his life is ‘in full bloom’ with her. He also shared that he has never experienced a relationship like this before and how special Rozonda is to him.

The couple started dating before Thanksgiving 2022, after they were spotted together on a Hawaiian beach in August. In January, Rosonda’s representative, Cristal Jordan, confirmed their romance, saying that she had never seen Rosonda so in love before.

Their fateful meeting was almost a missed opportunity, as their paths crossed only because of a fortuitous snowstorm that coincided with their flights. After a conversation on the plane, they promised to keep in touch. The news of their romantic involvement came three months after Matthew’s divorce from Cheryl Burke was finalized in November 2022 after nearly three years of marriage. Burke filed for divorce in February 2022, marking January 7, 2022 as their split date.

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