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School Of Lies As Fascinating As Paatal Lok Is, I Love Dwelling In The Complexities Of The Human Mind: Director Avinash


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Director Avinash Arun is known for his hit web series Paatal Lok. Avinash is back with another web show, School of Lies, before returning with the second season next year. And the National Film Award winning filmmaker promises that the show will be as exciting as Paatal Lok. It revolves around a 12-year-old boy who goes missing from a boarding school, much unfolds before and after his disappearance. Avinash says he is happy to work with kids again after his debut Marathi film Qila. Read also: Deception comes from every angle in the search for the missing boy. Watch the Trailer for School of Lies

School of Lies revolves around a young boy who goes missing from his school.
School of Lies revolves around a young boy who goes missing from his school.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Avinash Arun says that School of Lies is an engaging, dramatic thriller and an original concept, but inspired by real events. “I have always been curious about the world of boarding school. I had read 1-2 articles about some incidents in boarding schools and we tried to build a story around what I had seen during my school days. Has,” he says. ,

He adds, “We open up this world of boarding school that not many people have tried to explore here in India. We’ve seen shows or movies on this before but I love this teenage, inquisitive, totally mature Wanted to do something about ageism. Children are very vulnerable, they are inventing things. They are independent but they have to follow some discipline. Every child coming from different places, families and consciousness is welcome here They have to adapt to many situations – how do they deal with it, how do they adjust and what is the impact of such an environment on their psychology.

School of Lies has been shot at the picturesque St. Lawrence School in Ooty. The story however is based on a fictional place called Dalton City so as not to invite any controversy. “I haven’t studied in a boarding school, but I wanted to explore the life, atmosphere and energy there through an intricate narrative. I love delving into the complexities of the human mind across different age groups. In, I deal with kids, their emotions, childhood depression, coming of age, teens.”

big screen vs ott

Avinash says that after Qila, he wanted to explore all these aspects because of the larger narrative of the show. He says, “The interesting thing about making a show is – you can delve into so many points of view because you get so much screen time to explore characters, sub plots, new plots and nexus and so much time to make so many.” Enjoy the complications.”

He says that watching something in the comfort of your own home is different from a theatrical experience. “When you watch a film in a theatre, whatever happens on the screen becomes a part of the collective consciousness. You can laugh at something silly because others are laughing… OTT viewing becomes an inter-personal experience. It is very difficult to deceive your mind when you are sitting alone in your house with your mind. It is very important to respect the intelligence of the audience. You are also very sincere, you are not presenting anything, you are not wearing beautiful clothes. And then you invite other people into your world, you expect honesty from the material. The more sincerity, the more it will connect with you.

shooting with kids

Avinash doesn’t just have one memorable moment from the making of the show. “When I shoot, every moment is a joy for me. It is working with all age groups from 10-19. He is acting for the first time. I like it when you are just a clean slate with honesty, no arrogance and no curiosity. I love connecting with them. How interesting is their world. I am very impressed with his maturity and I think umar mein toh mujhe kuch taha hi nahi tha (I knew nothing at that age). It is a new updated, upgraded type of chip with a new processor.

“We were shooting for 5-6 hours in the cold, he was always upbeat. There is something very pure about him, the innocence that comes through in his performance because he is doing what he is doing, he Nothing else gets made,” he says.

on hades 2

Avinash is in no mood to reveal much about Paatal Lok 2. Asked multiple times about the new season, he finally says, “It’s very relative. It’s the same genre. You can expect the same thrill, excitement and experience from it.”

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