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Space Environment: 35 explosions on the surface of the Sun in two weeks, what does it mean


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Sun Coronal Mass Ejection: Explosions are happening on the surface of the Sun. According to the report of the US space agency NASA, there have been 35 explosions on the surface of the Sun in just two weeks and solar flares have come out six times. 14 Sunspots i.e. dark spots have also been seen on the surface of the Sun. This phenomenon of the Sun is called Coral Mass Ejections.

Coral Mass Ejection One of the Largest Eruptions from the Sun’s Surface

Coral mass ejection is one of the largest eruptions from the surface of the Sun. The Sun releases billions of tons of material into space at a speed of several million miles. At the same time, sun spots look like dark spots because they are colder than the rest of the surface of the sun. A sudden burst of energy that occurs when it is entangled or rearranged by magnetic field lines near the sun spot is called a solar flare or a solar explosion.

NASA says that there is a delay in the completion of the duration of the solar cycle, but such activities are happening on the Sun from now on. One solar cycle occurs in 11 years. During the solar cycle, the sun goes from calm to fiery and then becomes calm. The peak of the solar cycle is called the solar maximum.

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Solar cycle will be completed in 2025, what will be the effect

NASA has said in a blog update that in 2025 there will be a solar maximum, that is, the solar cycle will be at its peak and till then such solar activities will continue. NASA has also said that due to such solar activities, our life, technology on Earth and satellites and astronauts in space will be affected.

According to NASA, our increasing reliance on space-based technology and ground-based infrastructure is susceptible to the dynamic nature of space. Solar activity can affect more than 35,000 objects orbiting in the ionosphere-thermosphere region around our planet, including the International Space Station.

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