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Suga surprises fans with collaboration with Halsey during ‘Suga August D’ World Tour in LA


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Popular BTS member-rapper Min ‘Suga’ Yoon-ji delighted fans by making famous American singer-songwriter Halsey a surprise guest on stage during the Los Angeles leg of his ‘Suga August D’ world tour. The unexpected collaboration happened on May 14, 2023, the last day of Suga’s three-day concert at the Kia Forum.

Witness their performance of 'Sugaz Interlude' and join in the excitement of this remarkable musical collaboration.  (Image credit: Suga August D/Kia Forums)
Witness their performance of ‘Sugaz Interlude’ and join in the excitement of this remarkable musical collaboration. (Image credit: Suga August D/Kia Forums)

The momentous occasion marked the first time Suga and Halsey performed their 2020 track ‘Suga’s Interlude’, which is featured on Halsey’s third studio album ‘Manic’. The duo’s performance was captured in a clip shared by Kia Forum on Twitter, showcasing their chemistry and musical chemistry.

As the chorus of ‘Sugaz Interlude’ filled the venue, the ‘Without Me’ singer’s voice soared with the heartwarming lyrics, “I’ve been trying my whole life / To separate the time / Between having it all and giving it, yeah.”

The crowd erupted in excitement, and at the end of the song, the BTS star and the American heartthrob shared a happy moment laughing together and exchanging a warm hug, before Halsey gracefully exited the stage Out.

The ‘Bad at Love’ artist has now joined the ranks of guest stars on Suga’s world tour, following an appearance by Max during the second night of his Los Angeles concert. Max previously collaborated with the South Korean country star on the tracks ‘Blueberry Eyes’ and ‘Burn It’, adding another layer of excitement and musical diversity to the live performances.

The South Korean rapper kicked off his solo tour with a sensational kick-off show in New York, followed by a series of successful concerts in New Jersey and Chicago. After two upcoming shows in Oakland, the talented rapper will head to Jakarta, Singapore and several other Asian cities for the next leg of his tour later this month.

‘Suga | The August D’ World Tour is in full support of Suga’s highly anticipated debut album, ‘D-Day’, which made its official release on April 21. With notable artists such as South Korean singer-songwriter IU, late Japanese musician Ryuichi Sakamoto and The Rose singer Woosung.

Halsey’s surprise appearance on Suga’s world tour undoubtedly sent fans into a tizzy, celebrating the fusion of their talents and the electrifying atmosphere their collaboration created.

Fans’ speechless moments were shared on Twitter:

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