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Sunak narrows the gap with Liz Truss in PM’s race, claims survey


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Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss(File Photo)- India TV Hindi News


  • Survey conducted by Italian company ‘Tecne’ for a private client
  • According to the new survey, the difference between the two is now only five points.
  • According to the survey data, Sunak got 43 percent support, 48 percent support for Truss.

Britain PM Race: Former UK minister Rishi Sunak is bridging the gap with his rival Foreign Minister Liz Truss in the race to become the country’s next prime minister. According to a new survey conducted with members of the Conservative Party, the difference between the two is now only five points. A survey was conducted last week by Italian company ‘Techne’ for a private client involving 807 members of the Conservative Party. In the race for Britain’s prime ministership and Tory Party leader, Sunak received 43 percent support, 48 percent for Truss, while 9 percent were undecided, according to data presented Tuesday.

The result of the new survey is completely opposite to the previous survey.

According to reports, this is in sharp contrast to the YouGov survey conducted at the end of the knockout rounds last month, which revealed that Truss has a 24 point lead over 42-year-old Sunak. Newspaper ‘The Times’ quoted a source in Sunak’s campaign team as saying: “We really don’t feel like Liz Truss is in the kind of better shape that the survey indicated. Wherever he (Sunak) goes, he is getting really good response and a lot of people are still making up their mind. Liz’s support seems very soft.”

“The race may be closer than anticipated”

In the survey, members of the Tory (of the Conservative Party) were asked their views on the two ‘finalists’ and their policy plans. It was found that the 47-year-old Truss was ahead of Sunak among party members and voters on most issues. Election expert Sir John Curtis said it was possible the race was closer than anticipated.

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