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Supermoon 2022: The biggest supermoon of the year will be visible in the sky tonight


Supermoon 2022: The biggest supermoon of the year will be visible in the sky tonight, know what will be the timing

Washington: When space travel becomes easier, people will be able to easily move between the moon and the earth. But before you go to the moon, the moon is coming to us. Tonight the moon will dazzle the earth. This is because it is the night of the biggest supermoon of the year 2022. People living in India will have to know late at night to take a look at it. The biggest supermoon of 2022 will be visible on Thursday morning at 12:08 am.Every year there are 12 full moon nights, when the full light of the sun is falling on the moon. But with the full moon of July 13, one of this year’s four supermoons will also be visible. During a supermoon, the distance between the Moon and Earth will be the shortest. During this, the distance between the Earth and the Moon will be 357,264 km. According to NASA, the term supermoon was given in 1979 by an astrologer Richard Knoll.

Poornima will last for two to three days!
There will also be a full moon during this time. But scientists say that this happens only for a few moments. But even after this, for the next two to three days, the moon that looks like the full moon can be seen. This is because if the moon is closer to the earth, then it will appear bigger in size. At the same time, sunlight will fall on most of the moon, only a small strip will make a shadow on the moon. It will be so thin that it will not normally be visible. For this reason it will be difficult to tell which part of the moon is getting dark.

Why does a supermoon happen?
You must have read in your childhood that the moon revolves around the earth. This is also true, but there is a technical snag in it. That is, this rotation does not take the Earth as the center point. When a change revolves around the Earth, its distance also changes. The nearest and farthest distance between the Earth and the Moon varies in each month. The average distance between the Moon and the Earth is 382,900 km. Scientists believe that gravity is the reason for changing the distance of the moon. Changes in tides and ebb are visible as it moves nearer and farther away.

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