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Team India scored 225 runs, why West Indies got the target of 257


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Shikhar Dhawan and Nicholas Pooran- India TV Hindi News


  • Team India can bat only 36 overs due to rain
  • Rain came twice during the Indian innings, the overs were reduced
  • Whole West Indies team got out after scoring 137 runs in 26 overs.

The one day series being played between India and West Indies is over. Team India completely eliminated West Indies by winning all three matches of the series. With this, Team India has won the series from 3.0. Although rain also hindered in the third match, at times it seemed that the match would not happen, but when the rain stopped, the match started again. The Indian team had scored 225 runs for the loss of three wickets, but even after this West Indies were given a target of 257 runs to win, many cricket fans are unable to understand why this was done.

Rain came at the end of 20 overs for the first time

In fact, in the third and last match of the series, Indian captain Shikhar Dhawan won the toss and decided to bat first. It was only 20 overs of the Indian innings that in the meantime rain came and the game was stopped. By the time the game was stopped for the first time, Team India had 115 runs for one wicket in 24 overs. After this the game was stopped due to rain for a long time. The rain stopped intermittently, but by the time the ground was dry, it was starting to rain again. However, the match started and the umpire told that now the match has been reduced to 40 overs. The Indian team started batting again and started scoring runs fast. Till now the match of 40 overs was not even completed that after the end of 36 overs it started raining again. After waiting for some time, when the game started again, the umpire told that now the Indian innings was ending here and West Indies were given a target of 257 runs in 35 overs. The Indian team had batted a full 36 overs, but West Indies’ one over was also reduced and the target was also reduced to 257.

The match was done for 40 overs, but only 36 overs could go on.
When India’s innings started again, the umpire had said that India would get a second powerplay between 32 and 40 overs, but the Indian team lasted only 36 overs, that is, Team India batted only four overs less in the second powerplay, but West Indies would get the powerplay in their entire over in their match, so the West Indies total was also increased. Also the match was decided by the rule of Duckberth Lewis. The Indian team did not know how many overs the match would be, so they were batting carefully and slowly, but the West Indies already knew how many overs they were going to bat. Not only this, when West Indies’ innings was over, it was also decided that if it rains again and the match is of fewer overs, then how many runs West Indies will have to score to win. However, West Indies never appeared in the match and the entire team was dismissed after scoring 137 runs in 26 overs. In this way, Team India has won this match by a huge margin of 119 runs.

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